Competition rules


One competition class. Multiple rods might be carried in or on the kayak, but only one may be used at a time. Combination fly fishing and spin fishing is allowed.

100% catch and release, however a fish that is seriously injured, and is not considered to have good potential to survive, should be killed.

Due to covid-19 maximum 50 participants.

Approved pike:

Minimum size 80cm.

Registered fish:

Documented in the competition sheet + photo against the provided measuring board together with the number tag.


When measuring, the pike should be placed min the measuring board whose zero point should be level with start of the jaw. Start tag with your race number is put in place and taking picture with digital camera or mobile phone (must be equipped with a memory card for easy transfer).

If you catch a big one, don't hesitate to call the competition management for assistance. We don't want anyone to fall into the water.

Report catch:

Every competitor will use either a smart phone or a digital camera to take picture of their catch. We encourage the use of a smartphone to report catches directly to us through the website.

If however a team decides to use a digital camera instead, they should please remember to empty their memory card beforehand and to bring their own cables to ease the process of transmitting the images to the controller at the end of each day.


Before starting the staff will present the correct racing time so that all contenders have the same time. You will also receive a tag with a number that you must return before the end of the day. In this way, we keep track of whether you are back in time and that nothing has happened. If exceeding the maximum time: One cm reduction of total length for each delayed minute.


The total length of the three longest pike you caught during the two days of competition constitutes your result.

The first day result will be presented on our facebook page.

Permitted fishing area:

Blekinge coastline and archipelagos except for the prohibited areas which you can find below on this page. The starting point is Kustgårdens Senoren. The kayak shall be at the starting point when the start is announced and back before the time is up for each fishing day. Car or boat transportation of kayaks is not allowed.


Only spin-, jerk - and fly fishing is allowed.

Only paddle and pedal kayaks is allowed. Kayak with electric motor is not allowed.

Trolling, fishing with live or dead bait is not allowed.

Pike notified to the competition must be caught and measured from the kayak. You may not leave the kayak for fishing.


Obligatory life west.

No alcohol before or during the competition.

Fish in pair with another angler so that they can assist the other person if he or she needs help, or call for rescue. Fishing alone is not allowed.

Every angler must:

Have a cutting pliers capable of cutting sharp and strong hooks.

Have appropriate unhooking pair of pliers so that the pike can be effectively released.

Use barbless hooks. (It's ok to flatten your existing barbs)

Be able to signal other boats with light and sound.

Bring a water secured mobile phone with the security number installed for ”quick call"

Telephone number to the safety boat: +46 705 920 868 / +46 722 464 690

Jackson Pro Team Sweden's members represent competition management also the security staff. Two safety boats with maximum readiness to go for rescue mission will be manned during competition days.

Please return the tag!

The participants are responsible for their own safety and insurance.


Everyone will get a welcome gift, sponsored by one of our main sponsors.

All prices will be raffled among the participants

Prohibited fishing areas:

Due to new fishing guidelines for better, long-term and sustainable fishing in the future, we have areas that are prohibited from fishing during the competition.

1. Valjeviken 2. Sölvesborgsviken 3. Byggesviken 4. Edtorpaviken 5. Väbyfjorden

6. Inre fjärden 7. Hjortammarsviken 8. Tromtösundaviken 9. Rosenholmsviken

10. Hallarumsviken, closest to the festival area.

10. Hallarumsviken